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Just enter your zip code, and select a restaurant. Sort by popularity, cuisine type, price, ratings, and more.


Place your order online in just a few clicks.

It’s really simple. Pick a menu, choose a meal, and checkout - it’s that easy.


Restaurant prepares your meal for pick-up or delivery.

The instant you submit your order, it’s electronically transmitted to the restaurant. Within seconds your exact order prints out at the restaurant, they confirm it, and you receive a confirmation email.


Cut the line and pick up your food, or have it delivered.

When you show up to get your meal, just skip the line and show your id. You pay in advance, so you never have to wait in line. If you opted for delivery, they bring the food to you.

Why Mealeo?

We’re here for one reason: to make ordering food easier than ever before. Give it a try, place an order – and we’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience.

Simple Online Ordering – View menus, choose a meal, & checkout – it’s that easy.
Order at Your Own Pace – No need for stressful, rushy phone calls with restaurant staff.
Save Money – Many restaurants offer daily discounts and you earn rewards for ordering.
No Cash? Just charge your order online! Go to the ATM another time.