Feautres + Benefits. Purposefully designed with you in mind.

Simple Setup, No Installation

Mealeo is a web-based service that requires no on-site installation or software. The only thing you need is a fax machine and a phone! You can be live in minutes!

Reach More Customers

Our online community gives you instant access to thousands of hungry customers eager to order their next meal!

Beyond Cost-Effective

Other systems cost thousands of dollars and charge monthly fees even if you don't receive orders. Our industry leading interactive online menus start at just $1.23 per day, with no monthly minimums.

Boost Efficiency

Phone orders take time! With a Mealeo menu your staff will spend less time fielding calls and answering questions. This gives you and your employees more time to service & attend to the customers in your restaurant at all times!

Customer Satisfaction

Customers pre-pay for their orders online, allowing them to skip long lines at the register. This frees you up to serve more customers — and do more business! Also, customers never have to wait on hold during those busy times!

Capture More Catering

Sales reps spend up to thousands of dollars each week catering lunches for their presentations. They'll be able to easily and efficiently plan lunches — prepared by you — ahead of time.

Increase Revenue

On average, orders placed online are 20% - 45% larger than orders placed by phone!

Zero Cost Maintenance

You don't need to worry about costly updates or upgrades, ever!

Working For You

Mealeo works for you at all times, so you can focus on running your business. We provide customers with anytime, anywhere access to your online ordering menu!

Lower Costs & Risk

Mealeo reduces costs & risks that are often overlooked! Like less wasted food costs, and less cash on hand in your restaurant, which reduces the risk of employees "misplacing" it.

Phone-Free Ordering

Orders arrive hassle-free by fax or email, which saves your entire staff valuable time and energy!

Oh So Accurate

Orders arrive hassle-free by fax or email and are clearly printed with all details. The orders that you receive are exactly what the customer ordered!

Peace Of Mind

We backup all your data and information with secure SSL encrypted servers that exceed industry standards!

Online Promotions

Offer e-coupons, discounts, and other promotions without the need for costly conventional print media or advertising!

Make It Your Own

It's not just a menu, it's your menu, plus it's interactive. Personalize and customize with your logo, meal photos, and all important business info!

Order Online Now Link

If you have an existing website, we will integrate a personalized Order Online Now button right into it. Customers can access your menu from your website and the Mealeo Food Network!

Simple Menu Management

Easily re-organize and edit your menu with our simple click & drag menu organizer!

Sales Reports & Order History

Tracking orders and sales history is simple with instant access to every detail of every order placed!

Easy on The Eyes

We guarantee that your menu will have an upscale, stylish look and feel! And it's super easy for customers to place orders from!

Greener Menu

Tired of spending money printing takeout menus? With a Mealeo interactive online ordering menu there's no printing costs, ever, which is better for your bottom line and better for the environment.

Create Multiple Menus

With Mealeo you are not limited to a single menu. Create multiple menus (both regular & catering), and get listed in multiple cities if you have more than one location!