Customer places order through

Customers can access your online ordering menu both through your website - and right here on


Your restaurant receives order by fax or email (your choice)

The instant the customer submits their order, you’ll see it in your email inbox and fax just seconds later. You’ll receive a phone call notifying you that you have a Mealeo order waiting for confirmation – just press 1 on your keypad.


Your restaurant prepares meal for pick-up or delivery.

Once you confirm the order, you prepare the food just like you would with a phone order. The only difference is that customers pre-pay for their order, so the line at your register will always be moving.


Get paid on time, guaranteed.

To keep things fast and efficient, customers pre-pay for their meals online with a credit card. You get paid for every order you prepare.

Why Mealeo?

It’s not about Mealeo - it’s about the results you’ll see. It’s not about Mealeo’s exciting features – it’s about the benefits you’ll realize from them. We’re here for one reason: to help grow your sales. It’s what we’re doing for restaurants nationwide, and we’re ready to do it for your business too.

Reach More – We give you instant access to thousands of hungry customers eager to order their next meal!
Bigger Orders – On average, orders placed online are 20% - 45% larger than orders placed by phone!
Simple Setup – Want easy? The only thing you need is a fax machine and a phone!
Powerful Presence – It’s what we do, and what we’re good at. We’ll strengthen your presence from day one!
Search Engine Savvy – We have search engine optimization down to a science – you’ll be all over the web!
Cost Effective – Mealeo charges a fraction of what other advertising programs cost. Start for $1.36/day.
Super Support – Our product was designed for you, so we pride ourselves in being there for you.