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What is Mealeo?

Mealeo makes ordering food online for delivery or pickup from your favorite restaurants & pizzerias easier and more fun than ever before. We hope you enjoy what we've built, for you.

How does my order get to the restaurant?

The instant you submit your order, it’s electronically transmitted to the restaurant. Within seconds your exact order prints out at the restaurant, they confirm it - and you receive a confirmation email.

How do I pay for my order?

All orders are paid for by credit or debit card through our secure site at the time you submit your order. Your bank statement will appear as being charged by "", and NOT the restaurant you are ordering through.

Can I pay for my order with cash?

No. All orders are paid for via our secure, SSL encrypted website. You can however leave a cash tip for the delivery driver if you'd like.

Can I tip the delivery driver/staff online?

Yes. After you add items to your order, you'll see the "tip" option - you can't miss it. You can also choose to not tip online, and instead leave a cash tip when your food is delivered.

Can I make special requests about how to prepare my order?

Absolutely. There is a field to enter special instructions for each item you add to your order during the order process.

Can I order in advance for a future date or time?

Absolutely. You can place orders up to 7 days in advance. On the page where you choose your restaurant, use the filter options at the top of the screen to choose the date and time you'd like your food.

How do I create an account?

We automatically create your free account for you after you submit your first order. All you'll need during checkout is a valid email address and a password and you're good to go.

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