Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Mealeo:

How does Mealeo work?
We partner with the best local restaurants and bring the food you love right to your door, on-demand. You can order from any of the great restaurants on or by using the Mealeo mobile app. Choose a restaurant, choose your food and place your order.
What kind of restaurants can I order from on Mealeo?
We’ve spent the last 10 years hand-selecting which restaurants we want to list on Mealeo, and personally meeting with each owner, one at a time. Our selection list is diverse, ranging from 24-hour diners, to authentic Mexican restaurants, to the best wings in your city. Variety and quality is our top priority.
What times can I order for?
Each restaurant available on the platform has different opening and closing times. To see who’s open and available in your area, start an order.
Can I schedule an order in advance?
You sure can. Both on the search restaurant page and menu page, you can set your preferred order time. Orders will default to ASAP, but you can select a pickup or delivery time up to 7 days in advance. Once you’ve selected your preferred time, click the big green schedule button to proceed - and we'll take care of the rest.
Is there an order minimum for delivery?
It depends on the restaurant you’re ordering from. Some restaurants have no minimum, and some do. You’ll see each restaurant’s order minimum on the search page and menu page, prior to submitting your order.
What does a restaurant’s rating mean?
Each restaurant has a rating which you’ll see on the search page and menu page and is determined by our own internal rating mechanism that factors in customer ratings, order accuracy, on-time deliveries and overall satisfaction rate for all pick up and delivery orders completed from that restaurant.
What if I have allergies?
If you have specific allergies to certain food products or ingredients and are concerned about any items on the menu, contact the restaurant directly before ordering. You can also leave “special instructions” for each item you add to your order, prior to submitting your order.
Where is my order?
When you are logged in, you can see the status of your order by locating your order in your order history. Once opened you'll see the order progress displayed.
I need to cancel my order, how do I do it?
The easiest way to cancel an order is to open the Orders section of your account, then locate the order you want to cancel, then click on the Order Help button and select "Cancel Order"
I need to add something to my order, how can I do this?
If the restaurant has not accepted the order yet, the best option is to cancel your initial order immediately, and place a brand new order with all the items you want. You can cancel your order history, locate your order in question, then click the Order Help button and select Cancel Order. If the restaurant has accepted the order, the only way to add something is to call the restaurant directly. Their phone number is listed at the top of the order details in your history as well as in your confirmation email.
My order was missing an item / incorrect, what do I do?
Although we take every measure to make sure your Mealeo experience is wonderful - we do understand that mistakes happen. If your order was incorrect, locate your order in your order history then select Order Help and select the Missing an Item option.

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