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Due to overwhelming delivery demand and order volume on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Mealeo is only hiring applicants with availability on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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What’s required to drive with Mealeo?
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license
  • Maintain a valid insurance policy
  • Volunteer your social security number
  • iPhone (iOS 14.0 or later) or Android (11.0 or later) smartphone
Is there a dress code when delivering?
We don’t require you to wear anything specific, however, Mealeo and our restaurant partners expect you to dress respectfully while entering their establishments. That means save your Star Wars pjs’ for home.
Will I receive offers containing alcohol?
Yes. When an order contains alcohol it will be listed separately in your Food and Beverage count, as ‘Alcohol’.

In order to accept a delivery with alcohol you must have a copy of the required Mealeo Fleet Trucking Permit in your vehicle. Please keep this on hand during all deliveries, in case you are ever asked to present it to law enforcement.

Please View Guidelines here to make sure you understand how to lawfully deliver alcohol.
How much can I expect to earn driving with Mealeo?
This is dependent on many factors such as time of day and day of the week worked, customer interaction, etc. On average, drivers earn $10.89 per delivery with no delivery ever paying less than $8.00. Some seasoned drivers earn $25-$30+ an hour, especially on weekend nights when order volume is the greatest.
How do I get more orders and make more money?
  • Be punctual for pickups and deliveries - arriving to pick up an order after the scheduled pickup time will delay future offers.
  • Log on-duty 30+ minutes prior to the beginning of your reserved shift - the sooner you are on duty, the sooner you will receive offers.
  • Be flexible to drive to the busiest areas.
  • Check for all items before leaving the restaurant - make sure all of the items are in the bag(s) to avoid having to return for missing/incorrect items.
  • Avoid delays that may reduce your order volume and earnings - before you log on duty, make sure you:
    • Have a full tank of gas
    • Have your phone fully charged with a car charger ready
    • Have drinks & snacks ready in the car for yourself
    • Use the bathroom before you head out
How and when will I receive payments?
All driver payments are processed through PayPal every Monday at 10pm. Driver payments will also process at 10pm the day that your earnings reach or exceed $100. In summary, the more often you drive, the more frequently you are paid!
Is this an independent contractor position?
Yes. You will receive a 1099-NEC to file with the necessary tax authorities at the end of each tax year.

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