Alcohol Delivery Guidelines

In order to accept a delivery with alcohol you must have a copy of the required Mealeo Fleet Trucking Permit in your vehicle. Please keep this on hand during all deliveries, in case you are ever asked to present it to law enforcement.

The following guidelines are intended to help you lawfully deliver alcohol. If you deliver alcohol to a minor or someone who is visibly intoxicated, you may be held liable. These guidelines are meant to protect you, and our customers.

Alcohol orders are for persons of 21+. If you have doubts about the diners age or believe the diner is intoxicated, leave all non-alcoholic order items with the diner and return alcohol to the restaurant. Send a text message to Mealeo Dispatch and alert them.

To verify the customers age, ask for a valid form of ID. Acceptable forms of ID in NYS are listed below:

NOTE: IDNYC is not a proper form of ID for alcohol delivery in the state of New York.

Maintain a safe distance from the diner when checking their ID, and wear your personal protective equipment whenever interaction is required.

When reviewing identification offered by a customer, you should check for:

Delivering alcohol to minors may result in deactivation of your account and criminal penalties.

Check for intoxication. If the person is visibly intoxicated, do not deliver alcohol to the customer. Some physical signs of intoxication may include:

It is against the law to deliver alcohol to an intoxicated person. If the customer appears visibly intoxicated, deliver all non-alcoholic items, mark the delivery complete, and contact Mealeo Dispatch immediately.

Use your judgement. If you have any doubts about the ID, the customer, or feel the situation is one which does not seem reasonable to deliver alcohol, do not complete the delivery, and contact Mealeo Dispatch immediately.