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On-demand delivery drivers.

We help restaurants like yours reach-and-serve customers outside your doors and across cities, with no up front costs. Whether you use Mealeo’s team of on-demand delivery drivers, or your own - joining Mealeo sets you up for more success than ever before.

More Customers,
More Sales.

Mealeo connects you with all kinds of customers in the cities surrounding your restaurant. When your food is featured in our app, and on our website, new customers can discover it, order it and enjoy it.

Faster Delivery,
Fresher Food.

The more drivers you have on the road, the faster your food gets to customers. The faster your food gets to customers, the better the food quality is. With Mealeo, you’re equipped with dozens of drivers on the road every hour of every day.

Partner with
Best in Class.

When you partner with Mealeo, you’re teaming up with a company who holds tremendous pride in being the best of it’s kind. Every order we deliver for you will be handled as the most important delivery we’ve ever done - and we’ll prove this to you over and over.

Join the Area’s
Best Restaurants.

When you partner with us, your restaurant and food will be featured in our app, alongside the area's most popular and award-winning restaurants already on Mealeo.


Although we’re confident you’ll love Mealeo’s service, enjoy peace of mind knowing there is no contract of any kind. If you’re not happy - cancel anytime.

Brand Elevation,
Reputation Management.

While you're busy handling the day-to-day operations inside your restaurant, we’ll monitor and elevate your brand on the internet by improving star ratings on search engines and addressing negative online reviews that can harm your business.

You’re in Great Company.

Hundreds of Award-Wining Restaurants use Mealeo to get their food to more customers.

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