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What Is Mealeo?

Mealeo makes ordering food online for delivery or pick-up easier, and more meaningful than ever before. We're in business to help you grow by setting your restaurant up with online ordering software, for free and giving you access to thousands of new customers in your area.

Who Is It For?

Restaurants, caterers, delis, bakeries - any business with a menu.

Why Use It?

We give you full control over your menu content, and you can customize and update it as often as you'd like. With absolutely nothing to install, you can offer the world the convenient option of ordering from your menu at anytime, from anywhere - with just a few clicks.

How do I get my menu added to

Just click the orange 'Add Your Menu' button in the upper right corner of this page, and choose your menu package.

What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) will my business see using Mealeo?

Hmm. At the current time, there is no out of pocket investment. Contact us and we'll tell you more :)

Can customers access my menu through my own website?

Absolutely! That's one of the many benefits of Mealeo. You can choose from a variety of 'Order Online Now' links and banners that can be added to your website's homepage. Just login to your account (top right), and you'll see all the options in your profile. Note: your menu will always be accessible right here on too!

Do we need a website to add our menu to

Absolutely not! You can most definitely add your menu to without having a website. Just tell your customers to find you on - at anytime.

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